Connecting the LCR Region

LCR Play a dark fibre and wireless network that circles the region: connecting up many of the region’s studios, developers, testers and content creators and various event venues so that they can share content and more.

Connecting & Collaborating

Members of LCR Play connect to each other on this super-low latency private network, collaborating securely with their suppliers on new games development & testing during live projects or even full-time.

Connecting Studios to Venues

Some use LCR Play to connect their studios together for various immersive technologies (augmented reality, virtual reality etc) and others use it to connect their servers directly to some of the region’s venues for the likes of eSports tournaments & developer conferences.

Join LCR Play Today

LCR play is expanding all of the time, with regular applications to join from Interactive Entertainment, office landlords and venue operators.